Goli Otok - the naked island - was not named because of its bare surface without any vegetation like in many peoples opinion, it gets its name, just because of the fact, that the island was a secret place for nudists in earlier years.

Geographic location of Goli-Otok

Goli is located in Croatia's touristic center between the beloved holiday-islands Krk and Rab. Directly next to Goli you can find Grgur, a former prison-island for woman.

In the former Yugoslavia Goli-Otok was a prison-island for male, political criminals.
But in 1989 the island was left and since than it is accessible for all visitors.

When I was a little boy, lying on the beach of the neighbor-island Rab, I often saw smoking smokestacks or searching patrol-boats as the only visible things of life on this island. And all I heard were rumors, about boats, which were shot, if they came too close to Goli or about the unworthy doings against humans.

Goli was TOP SECRET!

As a result of the missing answers to all of my questions, I become really nosy to get the truth about Goli-Otok.
But there are less information to find. It seems, all affected people, like guards, civilian workers,  or others force to forget all about Goli. Additionally, I don't understand the Croatian language, which could make conversations much easier.

So, in most cases my trip will be based on tales, speculations and things I saw with my eyes. I would be really thankful to all, who may help me with facts, stories and ideas, but also about critical statements.

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