Findings and Curious (1)

Sculpture This sculpture shows 2 fishermen, pulling in a net out of the water.
You can find this sculpture in the left corner of the 4. prison cell foundation under a tree.
The exact GPS-coordinates are:
N 4450,31' / E 01449,25'

This hint told me Damir F., who deals with souvenirs on Goli-Otok.

Acc to latest information's, this sculpture was done in 1950 by professor Rudolf Schlick. Rudolf Schlick educated at the academy of art in Zagreb.
He were denounced as a Nazi, although he was not but he was sentenced to execution in 1946 by the judge of Nova Vesa. Later on he gets amnesty and his punishment were reduced to a lifelong sentence of imprisonment.
First he was incarcerated in Stara Gradiska and thereafter in Sremska Mitrovica, just before he was  displaced in 1949 to Goli-Otok, among others together with professor Paolo Franchini (see prisoner).

(c) Sven Haschel
Sven Haschel found this rock next to a quarry, engraved with a human carrying a gloriole, shown together with date 1966.
The engraving shows no signs of weathering, which may indicate that it was applied belatedly.
However, a really interesting thing.

Thanks, Sven.

Manual User-manual for a Deutz Diesel engine.

Glove Gloves in a desert of stones.

Moped The gift shops dealer owns this moped. Pay attention to the ID-plate!
(enlarge for details!)

Bleilettern I found these letters in the printing house, located in the industrial area (Pristaniste 1).

Karteikarte I found this chart in a storage. It records in- and outgoing inventories of a cheese called "Sir Biser" between 1. January 1971 and 09. March 1971.
(last entry is on the back)
Interesting are the entrees between the 21. and the 30. of January (written in red).
11 pieces were counted at 21. Jan., but 163 were spent at 24., 518 were spent at 26. and another 52 pieces were spent on the 30. of January.
The incoming of 1800 pieces is then dated back to the 20. of January...???


A picture postcard from Pula I found anywhere in a basement.

Acc to latest information's (many thanks to Lydi) this postcard was sent by a guy called Sandro.
He wrote: ...I love you so much... ...send you a lot of kisses...
So the receiver seems to be a girl, maybe his wife or girlfriend, who lived on the Island Rab I guess because of the address (...Rab 2... ...51283...)

What is this postcrad doing on Goli-Otok you may ask? I think, this girl was working as a civilian on Goli-Otok, and she took this postcard as a keepsake.

Sandro is also talking about an ...arrival. You must know Pula is a military base, so it is allowed to presume that Sandro was seaman on his way home.

This postcard was sent within the 80ies, which can be recognized on the stamp which was used:

Walter U. wrote me:
"...concerning to the stamp I can say, there was a tourism-set existing, which was updated periodically. I collected them in earlier years. My handbook with descriptions, printed in 1977, does not contain this stamp. I own a 2,50 Dinar stamp by myself, but in a different color, so this stamp here may belong to the same series. As a result, it is more likely, that this stamp has been used in the 80ies..."

Vladimir K. wrote me:
"...The stamp is definitely in use from 80s on. I have lots of them at home, since I was living in Yugoslavia. They came when I was a child and I was born in 79, so definitely 80ies. And I think almost until the 90ies..."

Many thanks for this information!

(c) W.J. Ungerank
This goodie was sent to me by W.J. Ungerank:

"...When I visited Goli I found this star.
The position is
N44 50,444  E014 49,177.
From Vela Draga walk the way up direction education center, hold right at the crossing (pass the basin right hand) and you will find a few buildings, when entering the woods. Within the angle of an L-shaped building you will find this star between trees and agaves..."


(c) Cyrus Kegel
This picture of a room for musicians was taken in 1990, in other words directly after Golis relinquishment. At that time a lot of instruments were lying around.

(c) Boris Halapir

(c) Boris Halapir

Very interesting pics where sent by Boris Halapir. They are showing a room, Spartan equipped like a solitary cell. It is located in the rear of a building within the industrial area. The walls are laced with red painted dashes, maybe representing days.
But in my opinion, this is not a real counting. The dashes are looking as if they were made all at once, furthermore they don't seem to be weathered.
I assume that this room is part of an art project, of which I had seen several in the past.
Also the bed seems to be obtrusive staged.
However, hints about the background are always welcome.

Thanks a lot to Boris Halapir for these well done shots.

Tool Just behind the headquarter (Area Quarter and Catering) I found this tool. It is made of a spiral drill sticking in a piece of a four cornered shaft of aluminum. The shaft is wrapped with isolated copper wire. It is more likely that this tool was used as a wall tie where the wire was tightened on. It appears less likely that this tool was used for escaping reasons.

Bottle Close to the firing ranges is a pile of rubble located, mainly containing bricks and pan tiles, but nevertheless I also found this relict there.
It is a bottle for urine which was surely used in the nearby medical area respectively quarantine office.

(c) Ivan
Another type of urine bottle and two pieces of tin ware. Picture sent to me by Ivan (surname unknown).

Thanks, Ivan.

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